Mission Support

Katmai Mission Support

Mission Support

Katmai provides our Government customers with advanced training in strategic and tactical operations, combined arms training, unit readiness planning, and logistics support at every echelon. Our team collaborates with the Government to synchronize doctrine and training standards with the unit’s training objectives, mission essential tasks to enhance the unit’s combat preparation and performance.

Since 2009, our team continues to build cutting edge, supply chain capabilities and is increasing its capacity. Katmai has the unique and practical ability to provide a highly qualified and relevant mission support teams for large scale distributed supply chain requirements as well as unit training support. To support training requirements through live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training, Katmai fields highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts (SMEs), military analysts, support specialists, supply chain professionals, and program managers. We also have the capability and capacity to augment home station and major exercises with a pool of qualified and relevant part-time on call SMEs and Cultural Role Players (CRP).

In order to meet customer needs, Katmai routinely accesses secure channels and other resources to conduct research, create efficiencies, and deliver services that support and prepare service members for conventional, unconventional, irregular, kinetic and non-kinetic military threat, and civil actions. Example of our Mission Support includes but is not limited to:

Military Analysts Supporting

  • Large-Scale Mission Rehearsal Design and Control
  • Range Operations
  • Military Tactics
  • Doctrine Development
  • Immersive Training
  • Research and Development
  • Experimentation

Cultural Role Players Supporting

  • Pre-Deployment Mission Rehearsals & Specialized Training for Operational Units
  • Development and Execution of Military Training Events
  • Linguist and Cultural Expertise
  • Hi-Fidelity Urban Environments
  • Battlefield Effects, Atmospherics and Force on Force Simulations
  • Moulage and Casualty Simulations

Logistics Services Supporting

  • Range Facility Management
  • Logistics and Warehouse Management
  • Installation and Maintenance of Secure IT Infrastructure
  • Planning and Provisioning