Airport Facilities Support

Katmai Airport Facilities Support


KATMAI acquired Ice Technical Services, Inc. in 2014, which brought more than 20 years’ experience working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and multiple private firms and airports.  Since then, KATMAI has grown to be an industry leader in site preparation, technical implementation, engineering, construction management, consultation, and program management for airport facilities support.

KATMAI specializes in interfacing yesterday’s aviation infrastructure with tomorrow’s communications and data gathering technologies.

Specifically, Katmai personnel are experienced with various on and off airport air traffic reporting and guidance systems, radars, and communications systems. Katmai also has vast experience with Wide Area and Local Area computer Networks (WAN/LAN), and other new system development efforts to tie these systems together and provide communications/control links.

Katmai has been key to the development of new systems deployment designs and infrastructure preparation for such systems as the FAA’s Airport Surface Surveillance Capability (ASSC) systems (including designing and deploying the FAA’s first ASSC Key site installation at San Francisco International Airport), as well as existing systems such as the Airport Surface Detection Equipment Type X (ASDE-X) systems.

Other systems supported include FAA’s Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure (ASTI) satellite communications network. Katmai personnel have worked extensively with this program, a satellite communications network consisting of 52 ground stations with two separate satellites for path diversity. This project provides system interfacing, circuit connectivity, monitor and control, WAN, and Weather Distribution.

Katmai personnel were involved in upgrading and standardizing the Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) and various Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) facilities in Hawaii, Alaska, and the contiguous 48 states. These upgrades were diverse in nature, spanning the building and installation of monitor and control panels, building of safety fences, radar tower replacements, electrical upgrades and replacement, full HVAC systems and controls replacement, and other various facility upgrades as necessary.

Katmai has also provided support for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) systems such as body scanners, x-rays, other passenger screening systems. and freight screening systems. Including the development and deployment of various WAN/LAN, and other new system development efforts to tie these systems together and provide communications/control links.

Katmai is ready to support any on or off airport project and to provide for on-site and remote program management, project management, site preparation, systems maintenance, repair and replacement, and site infrastructure maintenance, repair and replacement.