Integrated Training Solutions

Katmai Integrated Training Solutions

Katmai Integrated Training Solutions

Katmai designs and develops integrated training solutions to meet customer requirements—efficiently and effectively. We take great pride in developing realistic training resources that improve training effectiveness. From the classroom, to the office, to the field, Katmai training solutions prepare the Warfighter to move from novice to expert. Our Integrated Training Solutions include:



Custom Training Products

Katmai has developed hours of Level I through IV (simple to complex) training products for the U.S. Government. Much of the training development consists of blended instruction, which includes instructor-led and self-paced training that covers both theory and practice.
Our custom training products include the following:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI)
  • Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)
  • Virtual Simulation-4 (VSIM-4)

Instructional Systems Analysis and Design

Following the guidelines established by the Department of Defense (DoD), Katmai’s analysis and design efforts require data collection, objectives development, and documentation of instructional recommendations.  A complete analysis effort examines duties, tasks, training methodology, instructional content, media, and costs.

Our analysis experience includes:

  • Front End Analysis (FEA)
  • Job Duty Task Analysis (JDTA)
  • Rating Domain Analysis (RDA)
  • Media and Fidelity Analysis (MFA)
  • Functional Requirement Determination (FRD)
  • Performance Analysis

Modeling, Simulation, and Training

Katmai employs engineers, designers, subject matter experts (SMEs), system architects, and managers in the disciplines required to develop advanced training solutions. We employ industry-leading game engines (e.g., Unity), development tools, and learning management systems.

Our virtual training systems bring together theory, practice, technical details, and practice scenarios in a realistic environment, allowing trainees to practice mission-related job, duties, and tasks.