Our Team

Our Team

Executive Team

At Katmai, we are proud of the team we have assembled. Each member is selected for their expertise in their respective field and their commitment to bring excellent customer service to all of our clients and employees.

Dave Stephens

Dave Stephens

 Shane Harvey

Shane Harvey

Tom Clements

Tom Clements

Cindy Vanden Berg

Cindy Vanden Berg


Business Development Team

Blake Shackelford

VP Business Development

E: BShackelford@KatmaiCorp.com
P: 407.620.7121

Jamika Carter

Business Development Manager

E: JCarter@KatmaiCorp.com
P: 410.336.0666

Kevin Soucy

Business Development Consultant

E: KSoucy@KatmaiCorp.com
P: 407.716.3139

Eric Ohlson

Business Development Consultant

E: EOhlson@KatmaiCorp.com
P: 907.980.0123

Directors of Service Lines

Gilbert Taylor

Director and General Manager of Katmai Integrated Solutions, LLC and Katmai North America, LLC

Ryan Wiser

Director and General Manager of Ice Technical Services, Inc. and Katmai Construction, LLC

Ed Coyl

Director and General Manager of Katmai-AYR, LLC

Emergency and Other Relief Services

Jerry Roach

Director and General Manager of Katmai Resource Management, LLC and Katmai Diversified Services, LLC

Jack Hine

Director and General Manager of Katmai Technical Services, LLC and Katmai Management Services, LLC

Danny O’Brien

Director and General Manager of Katmai International, LLC

International Operations and Humanitarian Aid