Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Katmai Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Katmai Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Katmai operates a centrally located repair depot in Brilliant, Ohio utilizing component level repair stations, automated test fixtures, and fabrication equipment. With our in-house technicians and engineers, we offer clients cutting-edge sustainment services that are both timely and cost efficient.

Katmai has also developed a proprietary software tool called Maintenance and Asset Visibility System (MAVIS) that allows us to effectively manage O&M operations. We have carefully developed and cultivated a significant infrastructure to offer large-scale lifecycle support operations. Our infrastructure enables us to offer significant cost savings to our customers, and extends the lifecycle of equipment.

Katmai uses equipment repair procedures for broken items, non-operational items, or items with missing components. When equipment is brought to the repair shop and a Maintenance Action Form (MAF) is prepared using MAVIS, an automated MAF number is assigned, the inventory status for that item is updated in the system, a MAF tag is placed on the item, and the equipment is placed in the proper maintenance area to await inspection, repairs, etc.  If needed, parts are ordered with the assistance of our Logistics Analyst in Ohio. When an item is repaired, it is inspected by a lead, and an “inspected by” maintenance action is made on the MAF. The MAF is then closed against the item in MAVIS and is placed in the equipment’s record jacket.