Fuels Management

Katmai Fuels Management

Katmai Fuels Management

Katmai is a premier fuels management contractor, with a distinguished history of providing superior Fuel Management Services. In addition to bringing an impressive track record of achieving exceptional contract performance for an array of fuels management and operations requirements, Katmai brings the ability to offer both a small business approach to customer care, along with an efficient and cost effective repository of back-office support systems, resources, and business processes.

  • Our highly-experienced fuels management leadership team has supported government fuels management and distribution systems at all levels for over 35 years.
  • We have continuously demonstrated excellence in managing fuel operations at both Patrick AFB, FL and Vandenberg AFB, CA for over 6 years.

Katmai has proven, high-quality past performance on a full spectrum of:

  • Alongside aircraft and facility fuel delivery
  • Bulk storage  
  • Operator and preventive fuel systems
  • Refuel vehicle maintenance
  • Precise inventory accountability
  • Cryogenic operations
  • Multiple product type receipts
  • Automated dispensing key management
  • Fuel quality testing
  • Safety of operations and environmental compliance

Katmai has proven to be a trusted go-to partner for the government for all its Fuels Management requirements that call for exceptional customer service, special management responsibilities, minimizing its carbon footprint, and providing outstanding fuels capabilities.

One of Katmai’s core values is that we are committed to being good stewards of the environment. We have achieved and sustained a reputation of being stewards of the environment by developing and implementing a comprehensive fuels environmental management plan, fuels-specific environmental operational instructions, and checklists that include emergency action procedures, detailed response and reporting training, and mechanisms for identifying and reporting fuel related mishaps, identifying and responding to different class spills and tier levels, and supplying and inventorying spill materials and spill kits at each fuel facility to include all refueling vehicles.

Katmai’s outstanding track record of quality customer support; a robust recruitment and retention system for obtaining highly qualified personnel with specialized skill sets and technical expertise; and operational concepts, procedures and technologies we utilize to accomplish efficient, safe, and reliable fuels operations result in high quality services to our military partners.