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Katmai Medical Kitting

Katmai Medical Kitting

Katmai Medical Kitting is an experienced emergency medical response kit and supply provider supporting the U.S. Department of State distributing over 20,000 kits in over 30 configurations since 2015. 

Katmai specializes in providing a comprehensive portfolio of medical kits, supplies and services while maintaining the flexibility to provide customized supply orders and medical assemblages to clients on the schedule required.

Katmai is committed to delivering quality services with the organizational structure that provides clear channels of responsibility and authority needed for success.

We work with standard and custom requests to optimize client performance, which maximizes customer output and operational flexibility.

We specialize in assembly, distribution, warehousing of standardized and custom emergency response kits and supplies, life-cycle sustainment/replenishment, component and kit warehousing, database management, standardized and custom reporting, and tracking.

Katmai is committed to the quality, reliability, safety, and efficiency of our product and services.  We continually strive for excellence in service, performance, and transparency to achieve the goals set through collaborations with client needs and Katmai’s processes and procedures.

Katmai maintains the certifications, adequate warehouse space, and secure storage areas to support large and unique custom kitting operations with active licenses and credentials from below:

Katmai complies with quarterly reporting requirements for Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System (ARCOS).

Meets registration and reporting requirements of The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

FDA 510K compliant supply chain for all non-exempt components.

21 CFR Part 820 Compliant Quality Management System and SOPs.

Environmentally controlled and monitored kitting and storage facilities.

Licensed and FDA registered pharmaceutical wholesaler and re-packager.

Federal DEA Distributor Licensed of Controlled Substances 2, 2N, 3, 3N, and 4.

Licensed and Federally Inspected CII-CV Controlled Substance Storage.

Types of Emergency Response Kits in our portfolio (but not limited to):

  • Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK)
  • Vehicle First Aid Kits (VFAK)
  • Basic and Advanced Trauma Kits
  • Personal Protective Equipment Kits (PPE)
  • Mass Casualty Triage Kits
  • Medical Unit Kits