Scientific & Engineering Services

Katmai Scientific & Engineering Services


Katmai provides a broad array of scientific and engineering services for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Energy (DOE).  Representative capabilities include systems engineering, civil and military engineering, geospatial sciences, environmental sciences, life sciences (medical, epidemiology, physiology), distributed learning technologies, military analysis, information technologies, information management, software engineering, and program management.

The Professional Services Division’s ability to deliver custom technical services is made possible through the talent of our staff.  Attracting the best employee talent, combined with comprehensive team-oriented management strategies, provide the foundation for our success.

For the DoD, we have supported all branches of the military and have supported all forms of engineering, research, testing, and experimentation.  We have relevant, in-depth, current, and successful experiences in applying our technical and management processes to effectively deliver valued services. Representative projects include:

  • Virtual worlds & simulation prototypes
  • Emerging concepts and demonstration for Intelligent Tutors
  • SCORM® and xAPI Development
  • Leadership development programs
  • Injury biomechanics and traumatic injuries related to dynamic operational exposures (acceleration, impact, blast, ballistic, crash, rollover)
  • Human biomechanical musculoskeletal response and injury prevention research
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) research
  • Range management support systems
  • Secure networks and enterprise level application design
  • Design development and integration of virtual servers in classified environments
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) development and integration
  • Development for the Reachback Engineer Data integration (REDi) visual fusion map

For the DOE, our team has supported many programs, including nuclear nonproliferation, remediation, environmental management, and renewable energy. Representative projects include:

  • 100K Basin Closure
  • Central Plateau RL-30
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Management of the Cesium & Strontium Capsules
  • Office of River Protection Waste Treatment & Immobilization Plant Project Controls Division
  • Plutonium Finishing Plant Closure
  • River Corridor Closure
  • Sludge Treatment