Katmai Modeling, Simulation, and Training

Katmai Modeling, Simulation, and Training

Katmai’s modeling, simulation, and training specialists are among the most recognized and awarded in the service industry. Our software engineers are experienced with industry-leading game engines (e.g., Unity).
Katmai employs engineers, designers, subject matter experts (SMEs), system architects, and managers in the disciplines required to develop advanced training solutions.

Our virtual training systems bring together theory, practice, technical details, and practice scenarios in a realistic environment, allowing trainees to practice mission-related job, duties, and tasks.

Katmai Simulation & Training

Serving all branches of the military, Katmai’s Simulation & Training Management Team has supported the Department of Defense simulation and training community for over 31 years.

Since this division was founded in December 2010, we have evolved rapidly, reaching a global footprint at more than 50 military installations that encompass a staff of 400+ employees at both CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Each employee is handpicked for their unique expertise, and their ability to execute project requirements. We offer a cadre of knowledgeable professionals with proficiency in military doctrine, tactics, operations, and maintenance. Katmai also offers leading edge engineering services in the live, virtual and constructive domains. With the continuous advancement of technologies and military tactics, the training and simulation operations we support require specialized solutions and subject matter expertise. At Katmai, we meet these evolving challenges, focusing on each client’s specific lifecycle needs.

Katmai operates a centrally located repair depot in Brilliant, Ohio utilizing component level repair stations, automated test fixtures, and fabrication equipment. With our in-house technicians and engineers, we offer clients cutting-edge sustainment services that are both timely and cost efficient. Katmai has also developed a proprietary software tool called Maintenance and Asset Visibility System (MAVIS) that allows us to effectively manage O&M operations. We have carefully developed and cultivated a significant infrastructure to offer large-scale lifecycle support operations. Our infrastructure enables us to offer significant cost savings to our customers, and extends the lifecycle of equipment.

Katmai Live Training
Katmai’s Live Training Division provides role player and live immersion training support services for the Department of Defense.

To date, Katmai has performed over 730 separate pre-deployment training missions in service of the United States Marine Corps, Army, and Navy units at locations throughout CONUS and OCONUS – each support mission featuring custom-designed tactical and cultural scenarios which immerse the unit customer in a realistic training environment which includes indoor and outdoor training facilities.

Katmai provides all facets of role player training support services, including recruitment and training of role players (e.g. Civilians on the Battlefield, Opposing Forces, Foreign Language Speakers, etc.), provision of meals and billeting, development of custom training packages, training scheduling and schedule de-confliction, injury simulation / moulage, set design, foreign weapons instruction, atmospherics, and battlefield effects simulations. Our goal in providing such services is to ensure that each warfighter transitions from the training environment to his/her duty location with a clear sense of how to respond in safe, tactically-effective, and culturally-appropriate ways to the civilian and non-civilian groups that are encountered.

Our project managers, mission managers, subject matter experts and lane controllers all come from a strong military background and all understand the unique support requirements needed to address training in austere locations and training that involves last-minute workload shifts and surges.